About Us

Our goal is to strengthen Nextgen's position and become the leading provider of clearing services to mobile virtual network operators worldwide

Our board and global leadership team is made up of innovators that have dedicated their careers to building successful technology companies, bringing products to market, and delivering value to investors. We want to be a force for good in the mobile industry by creating technology that does what humans cannot.

Nextgen Clearing in numbers

  1. 10% market share achieved in seven years
  2. More carriers purchased services from Nextgen in 2015 than any other provider
  3. Already serving 60 operators worldwide
  4. Two groundbreaking products launched since 2013

Our focus is on sustaining our rapid growth in a stagnant market by continuing to strengthen our team and introduce first-to-market products. Recruiting established, next-generation thinkers to join our leadership team, board and service teams has been a proven success, enabling us to quickly establish a reputation for our market-leading service.

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