M2M Solutions

Nextgen’s M2M Solutions provides all the tools you need to identify, segment, settle and visualise the different types of M2M and Permanent Roaming traffic on your network, to generate new revenue streams.

Nextgen's M2M Solutions: 3 revenue generating solutions to choose from

TIMS (Traffic Identification & Monetisation System)

TIMS is a first to market business transformation tool, that allows operators to segment, monetise and settle M2M and Permanent Roaming, as well as ALL traffic types and network technologies such as VoLTE, NB-IoT, CAT-M and 5G, ensuring optimum revenues now and into the future.


M2M Monitoring App

  • How do you detect and define Permanent Roamers?
  • How does it impact your wholesale business?
  • What actions do you need to take today?

Nextgen is pleased to announce the launch of the M2M Monitoring App, the app allows users to analyse, monitor and segment Permanent Roaming & M2M traffic, bringing full transparency to their roaming traffic, whilst adding the potential for much needed new revenue streams.

Our M2M Monitoring App helps operators view volumes, trends and patterns at Country, Operator and IMSI level, to detect M2M traffic both to and from their network.

The M2M Monitoring App is part of a suite of data visualisation and analytics tools, offered by Nextgen within the INSIGHT product set.

Key benefits of the M2M Monitoring App

  • Realise the full value of data usage on your network
  • Freedom and flexibility to create personalised M2M reports
  • Save, share and export M2M analytics reports
  • Analyse and create clear strategies for your organisation
  • Unique filtering for precise traffic information
  • Identify IMSIs roaming on network by number of days
  • Drill down to usage, patterns and trends
  • Identify partners, devices and usage/charges generated
  • Identify type of device and device manufacturer, for all traffic to and from your network, using the GSMA device database

Permanent Roaming Report (available for Nextgen’s DC customers)

Nextgen have added new functionality to the Data Clearing platform, which enables customers to identify Permanent Roamers on their network, or on their roaming partner's network, via filtering by the various permanent roaming events. Nextgen defines Permanent Roaming with the following three evaluation principles:

     a. Number of consecutive days
     b. Number of roaming days over a selectable period
     c. Number of days within each month respectively

Key benefits of the Permanent Roaming Report 

  • Identification of all Permanent Roaming including both M2M and consumer traffic to and from your network
  • Vital information for the monetisation of inbound or outbound M2M and Permanent Roaming traffic
  • Insight on inbound and outbound network resources allocation

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