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Ruben Iversen


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With an extensive background in telecommunications and IT technologies, Ruben’s expertise lies within Enterprise Solution Architecture design and implementation, as well as business development and management. He is adept at project and product management as well as consulting / professional services management in the area of IT, GSM networks and roaming related technologies. His ability to understand client needs and then marry their business processes and requirements with new products and technology is recognised throughout the mobile industry.

One of the few true innovators in the industry, Ruben has actively involved in developing some of the products and standards used in mobile roaming today and was an early influencer in optimising the use of discount wholesale agreements. Furthermore, he has been an integral part of important technology developments such as blockchain, mobile payments and network security.

Ruben’s experience includes working for both mobile operators and vendors in the roaming market. He was a board member of both Dan Net and MACH and, before joining Nextgen, Ruben worked as the CEO of NeuString and was instrumental in the successful exit and acquisition of that company by Yaana - a Silicon Valley based IT company.

As CTO, Ruben (who has worked as a Developer himself) was instrumental in developing Nextgens new technology stack - Connected Platform -which is the basis and platform for all new development within Nextgen. He has overall responsibility for evangelizing that technology both within Nextgen and in pitches to new customers.