Ruben Iversen

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Ruben Iversen

BI Business Unit Director

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Tel: +44 20 7332 5656

Ruben is one of the pioneers within the roaming industry with an extensive background in Tele and IT technologies. He has been actively involved in developing some of the standards within mobile roaming and has been an early influencer in optimizing the use of discount wholesale agreements. Ruben is also involved in important technology developments such as blockchain, mobile payments, network security and law enforcement.

Previously, Ruben was CEO of NeuString - a pioneer in the use of analytics software in the roaming industry since 2007 up until 2017 where he led NeuString to a successful acquisition. Prior to that, Ruben had been working for Data Clearing houses such as MACH and Dan Net and participated in various working groups within GSMA.

Ruben is a strong believer in the Nextgen vision and values and is working to ensure that they are implemented to the benefit of Nextgen customers.