Ashraf Iskander

Our Team

Ashraf Iskander

Co-Founder & CEO MEA

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Ashraf has been a key person in terms of steering the organisation, developing its structure and most importantly, getting the most out of the talented teams we have built. As a Co-Founder of Nextgen Clearing and in his role as CEO MEA, he strongly believes that getting this right is key to executing the company’s vision and helping our employees to achieve their ambitions.

With a background in Accounting and Finance, Ashraf previously worked with KPMG and PwC before joining the Mobile industry. Ashraf’s first appointment in the clearing industry was as Chairman and CEO of Dan Net MEA, and later MACH FZLC (located in Dubai). He has over 30 years of senior level experience in banking, FX trading and corporate finance.

Since the company was first formed over 10 years ago, Ashraf has been instrumental in the foundation of Nextgen Clearing, as a Co-Founder as well as both an investor and board member.