Significant network investment is being compromised by Roaming Partners sending less lucrative M2M traffic on to your network, whilst sending higher value consumer traffic to other preferred networks in your home country.

To date it’s been a challenge to identify M2M and Permanent Roaming traffic with traditional tools. This inability to easily identify traffic is a big risk to Operators, at a time when there is a need to keep costs down and generate new revenues.

TIMS (Traffic Identification & Monetisation System)is a first to market business transformation tool developed by Nextgen in collaboration with Tier 1 operators, to automatically process billions of records in order to identify, segment and settle M2M & Permanent Roaming traffic, allowing differential billing models and rules to be applied.

TIMS is available to ALL Operators regardless of your current Data Clearing House!

Key reasons why you should choose Nextgen's TIMS


Identify M2M traffic & Permanent Roaming 

  • Grow incremental new revenue streams by segmenting M2M and Permanent Roaming traffic
  • Use multiple logics to identify M2M and Permanent Roaming traffic - IMSI, APN, device types and traffic behaviour
  • Continuously monitor M2M & Permanent Roaming traffic on and from your network, and set alerts
  • Track outbound M2M roaming in countries with specific permanent roaming legislations

Be prepared for 5G IoT wholesale strategies 

  • Segment and negotiate data traffic differently depending on technologies, quality and service parameters
  • Flexibility to apply different billing models to M2M, NB-IoT, CAT-M, 5G & VoLTE
  • Realise new revenue streams by charging appropriately for different types of traffic

Better Visibility and Settlement 

  • Support, implement and forecast of all types of IOT discount agreements to and from your network
  • Full visibility, settlement and reconciliation for M2M and Permanent Roaming traffic, to and from your network
  • Initiate, support and reconcile new discount principles and billing models, such as access fees, per IMSI charging, charging models per traffic/customer type and tiered charging
  • Seamless IOT discount management from negotiations to cash, creating an automated workflow between commercial and financial teams

Apply fair prices for network usage, even retrospectively

  • Ensure a fair price is applied to devices on your network using little traffic or using specific QoS, so that capacity and signalling costs are covered
  • Make informed decisions regarding all types of traffic usage on your network in order to:

     a. Negotiate better deals for different traffic types                                                                     b. Calculate wholesale costs and revenues retrospectively

  • Be alerted in case of abuse or abnormal usage of your network

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