Settlement Bridge

The IOT discount settlement process is often managed through the use of complicated spreadsheets which are prone to human error. Email evidence is hard to track, currency conversions can be a challenge and multiple bank accounts for different discounts and types of traffic can be difficult to manage.

Nextgen is the only supplier on the market that can show operators the complete wholesale roaming picture in one integrated platform. Settlement Bridge integrates financial clearing and settlement of every other service along with IOT discount agreements to manage the entire roaming process from accrual through to booking invoices and debt collection.

Why Choose Nextgen?

One platform to optimise roaming revenue

  • Why pay out when your money will just come straight back later in the year? Nextgen’s financial clearing platform’s seamless integration with IOT discount management allows customers to proactively net monthly settlements against expected IOT and general settlements.

Seamless end-to-end roaming workflow handled by Nextgen

  • We handle the end-to-end process and provide workflow optimisation tools to greatly reduce the time internal staff spends managing roaming agreements. This allows operators to redirect team efforts to other projects.
  • FCH: Quickly collect cash, optimise billing records and cash flow.
  • DCH: Call/data record collect, check and clean, fraud protection.
  • INSIGHT: Maximise revenue and profit while minimising costs and human error through our integrated Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Settlement Bridge: Faster, more reliable reconciliation of discount settlement and financial clearing functions with fully integrated, automated financial and IOT settlement.
To find out more about how our unique services can help you optimise your finances across your entire roaming business, please contact us

Settlement Bridge Reconciler

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