Mobile operators today face significant challenges in calculating their end-of-year IOT discount statements accurately within a reasonable timeframe. Over the past few years, the number and complexity of preferred roaming agreements that operators need to negotiate and manage has grown substantially.

Built in 2012, IOTRON – Nextgen’s complete IOT discount tool - was based on a request from one of our customers to help improve their cash flow, reduce errors and minimise FX risk.

With IOTRON, operators can create and store all their discount agreements in one place, allowing them to easily manage the entire lifecycle from contract to collection.

This enables Nextgen customers to improve cash flow, reduce errors and minimize FX risk through full visibility of their financial position with each roaming partner. We continue to add new features, driven by the needs of our customers and the rapidly changing mobile market.

Five clear reasons why you should choose IOTRON to manage your IOT discount agreements.


Breaking down barriers – doing what humans can’t

  • Innovative software technology
  • Reduces ‘human’ contributions to the IOT discount management process
  • Advanced, web-based tool
  • Integrated into Nextgen Clearing financial clearing platform
  • Efficient end-to-end negotiation and management
  • Accurate, near real-time data updates and monitoring

Eliminate errors and risks to unlock profit with built-in functionalities

  • Forecast cash flow more accurately
  • Optimise and manage the performance of discount deals
  • Test the impact of changes to steering settings between partners in any country
  • Forecast financials and traffic for up to three years in advance
  • Fast and accurate automated calculation of IOT discount accruals and final settlement values
  • Reduces operators’ time to collect, allowing revenue to be flushed back faster

Powerful, flexible and accurate reporting

  • Eliminates the need for manual adjustments
  • Click to customise reports directly in the system
  • Integration with accounting systems such as SAP
  • Custom reports can be scheduled for automatic delivery via email
  • Intelligent automated alerts

Harness the power of business intelligence to increase revenue

  • Increase revenues through better decision-making
  • Identify countries where deals need to be made
  • See their cost per unit hotspotsrun negotiator performance reports
  • Supports all discount types and relationships including Market Share, per-day-per-IMSI style deals and many more
    automated features to embrace highly complex deal types

Approachable and adaptable customer support

  • Dedicated Client Support
  • Experienced team of roaming professionals
  • Our first-line customer service resolve over 80% of inquiries
  • Everything designed to save customers time and effort
  • Interact with the Nextgen support team in whatever way suits you best
  • Complete audit trail accessible from anywhere

All now possible with our IOTRON services

  • We give you 100% visibility at all levels across our products.
  • Through the unique integration of our financial, data clearing and IOTRON products, we are more efficient than our competitors.
  • Through our SLAs we give you full revenue assurance.
  • Every process is fully compliant. We welcome all the security changes, and support the industry to improve security on all levels.
To find out more about how our unique services can help you optimise your IOT discount management process, please contact us