Insight, powered by Qlik

We are now in a world of smartphones and IoT which has resulted in a huge proliferation of data from multiple and complex sources.

Nextgen Clearing now gives you a flexible, customisable new technology solution that can bring significant value to your data. Insight provides deep data visualisation into trends and patterns of your roaming traffic data and the commercial implications. Insight gives you better interpretation of multiple data sets through holistic views in real time dashboards and multiple alerts. Insight is available across each of our products.

Five clear reasons why you should choose Nextgen Clearing's INSIGHT data visualisation platform.


Easy to use

  • Visualise your data at a click of a button
  • Fast export of data and charts to presentations
  • No technical knowledge required

Save time on manual work

  • Quick consolidation from complex spreadsheets
  • Combine multiple sources of data
  • Realtime numbers to create interactive presentations
IOT charges

Spot areas of optimisation

  • Dynamic dashboards and reports
  • Zoom IN/OUT into specific data sets
  • Drill down to OPCO and IMSI level and M2M analytics

Monitoring and alerts

  • Monitor valuable KPIs from DCH, FCH & IOT Discount Management
  • Organise alerts and alarms based on any customisable thresholds
  • Control your roaming network traffic within your parameters
    Spot trends and anomalies to avoid loss of revenue

Powerful, scalable platform

  • Insight is the most flexible tool on the market
  • Possible integration of more data dimensions including
    Network, Interconnect, CRM and more.
  • Different profiles and access rights across many departments
    (Wholesale, Retail, Operations, Fraud, Marketing, Finance)


To find out more about how INSIGHT can help you optimise your data visualisation and analytics, please contact us