The complete financial picture

Mobile operators today face significant challenges to continue to optimise their commercial relationships. One of the main challenges is the struggle for finance and wholesale departments to see the same financial picture.

Fusion combines Nextgen’s advanced financial clearing and discount management services enabling operators to see the complete financial picture in one place. Fusion enables finance and wholesale departments to optimise commercial agreements and improve business cash flow.

Five clear reasons why you should choose Nextgen Clearing's Fusion platform.


Integrated end to end process

  • Manage entire lifecycle from agreement to collection
  • Enhance visibility, budget control and workflow
  • Automated, efficient and spreadsheet-free
  • Any time payments, fully developed in house

Optimise cashflow management

  • SMART Payment Technology
  • Intelligent settlement configuration to achieve optimal cash position
  • Any time payments, fully trackable and auditable to give you the flexibility you need
  • Quick settlement combined with the industry’s leading collection platform
IOT charges

Clear holistic view 

  • Complete picture for Finance and Wholesale Departments
  • Accountant Focussed Reporting options
  • Saving time on data interpretation and presentation
  • Real time position tracking
  • Online configurable dashboards including customised alerts

Ensure “true” accruals

  • Precise accrual calculation with real time tracking, supported by our industry leading discount management platform
  • Run settlement statement at any time
  • Automatically issue CD/DN to partner and settle

Accurate settlement

  • Reduce errors and minimise FX risk
  • Settle within optimal timeframes
  • Focus on improving negotiations and agreements, supported by hard intelligence from our portal


To find out more about how Fusion can help you optimise your clearing and settlement, please contact us