Financial Clearing Services

Mobile operators today face significant challenges to increase revenue as new technology, regulations and competition put downward pressure on their profit margins. Combining expertise from both the telecommunications and banking industries, Nextgen’s financial clearing platform is designed to provide operators with all the control they need to maximise efficiencies and keep pace in the rapidly evolving roaming industry.

Nextgen’s unique end-to-end solution is designed to bridge the gap between clearing, settlement and financial reporting by including IOT discounts. Our award-winning platform was built with input from several major operators. It has a modular design and market-leading functionalities to save money, drive revenue growth and ultimately increase profits.

Why choose Nextgen Clearing's financial clearing platform?

  • Easily accessible business intelligence that helps increase profits by giving operators the tools to make the right decisions. No deep technical knowledge is needed thanks to our platform’s innovative and intuitive design.
  • Near-real time visibility on every aspect of the roaming business through end-to-end integration with Nextgen’s data clearing and IOTRON products.

Seamless integration with IOT discount settlement

Powerful, flexible and accurate reporting

  • Nextgen’s incredibly flexible online reporting portal allows operators to customise reports to suit their specific needs. Nextgen solutions’ tight input/output integration with accounting systems such as SAP could potentially save many internal man-hours of effort.
  • Our platform allows users to drill down into every detail of roaming data which saves time and ensures that payments are made at the right time.

Accelerated cash allocation of receipts and aged debt collection

  • Nextgen’s platform includes features to chase debt more efficiently and aggressively than any other system. Our debt collection service leads to improved aged debt recovery rates and customers get their money flushed back faster, thereby reducing funding requirements.
  • Our core philosophy is to never stop chasing debt and we proactively manage it as soon as the invoice is sent. For operators, this saves time and allows them to reassign resources to other projects.

Approachable and adaptable customer support

  • Nextgen offers its customers dedicated Client Support with the lowest manager to accounts ratio in the market.
  • Our highly experienced team of roaming professionals deliver first-line customer service and resolve over 80% of inquiries without having to request information from other departments.
  • Everything is designed to save customers time and effort. No drawn out loops, no forced trouble tickets – you can interact with the Nextgen support team in whatever way suits you best. We make the service fit our customers’ requirements and always handle the query logging process ourselves. The complete audit trail of any issue is accessible from anywhere at any time from our online platform.
To find out more about how our unique services can help you optimise your financial clearing process, please contact us