Data Clearing Service

Error-prone data clearing is an emerging reality for network operators. Data roaming partnerships are diversifying as customer roaming needs become more complex and varied. Nextgen’s proactive and collaborative approach provides visibility in the areas that matter, to enable reliable decision-making and keep client-side workload to a minimum.

Nextgen’s award-winning solution provides the full spectrum of core data clearing services along with unique value-added features on a single modern and flexible online platform. Intuitive to use and rich in content, our DCH platform delivers greater transparency across all aspects of the data clearing process.

Why choose Nextgen Clearing's data clearing platform?

  • Easily capture roaming revenue data and save time thanks to our innovative platform, allowing you to utilise business intelligence with no in-depth technical knowledge required.
  • Improve your cash flow, increase efficiencies and save money through rapid implementation of new discount rates – average 48 hours vs. industry standard 4-6 weeks.
  • Near-real time visibility on every aspect of the roaming business through end-to-end integration with Nextgen’s financial clearing and IOTRON products.

Approachable and adaptable customer support

  • Nextgen offers its customers dedicated Client Support Managers with the lowest manager to accounts ratio in the market.
  • Our highly experienced team of roaming professionals deliver first-line customer service and resolve over 80% of inquiries without having to request information from other departments.
  • Everything is designed to save customers time and effort. No drawn out loops, no forced trouble tickets – you can interact with the Nextgen support team in whatever way suits you best. We always make our service fit our customers’ requirements and handle the query logging process ourselves. The complete audit trail of any issue is accessible from anywhere at any time from our online platform.

Enhanced near-real time fraud detection services

  • Nextgen’s NRTRDE+ solution not only highlights suspicious usage but assigns a dollar value to it.
  • Customers or support teams can easily configure an automatic alert based on a value threshold to quickly capture fraudulent activity.

Powerful, flexible and accurate reporting

  • Nextgen’s incredibly flexible online reporting portal allows operators to customise reports to suit their specific needs. With a few clicks, customers can set up automatic emails that regularly send their teams the latest data, marketing and financial insights.
  • You can generate operational reports within 30 mins of receipt of your CDR vs. industry standard 24 hours.

DCH Migration with Minimal Effort

Revenue leakage and delayed migration are the main risks during the DCH process. Nextgen’s approach is focused on avoiding errors such as lost files by ensuring complete visibility to save customers time and effort. You’re in safe hands with our expert team, who have a combined experience of over 300 migrations.

  • We assign you a dedicated Migration Manager to coordinate every step of the process.
  • We minimise your internal workload by adapting and creating specific documentation to match your internal business processes.
  • We conduct analysis of historic data based on our extensive market experience - ensuring appropriate actions are taken.
To find out more about how our unique services can help you optimise your data clearing process, please contact us.