Nextgen’s BCE portal is live!

Regardless of what files – TAP or BCE – you need to exchange with your roaming partners, Nextgen clears it all, and offers you seamless monitoring of all traffic within the same portal.

Our development proficiency, built upon many years of clearing expertise, and our dedicated team of 100+ developers, allow us to be best positioned for the management of multi-standard flows (TAP & BCE files), and the delivery of tools that allow operators to visualise and monitor their roaming business per partner across TAP and BCE.

Five clear reasons why you should choose Nextgen Clearing's BCE platform.


Easy to use platform:

  • Innovative and intuitive design.
  • User-friendly and accessible even for users with no deep technical knowledge. 
  • Efficiently and seamlessly integrates financial, data clearing, and BCE flows.

Full control and self-service: 

  • Define and set up agreements via the self-service portal.
  • Increased level of control allows for greater flexibility and customisation.
  • Fully compliant with industry standards, and supports industry-wide efforts to enhance security, ensuring safety of users' data and transactions.

Comprehensive service offering:

  • Our BCE platform provides a complete service for management, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Covers all aspects of BCE, including segmentation, calculation, and reporting of BCE agreements.

Powerful and flexible reporting: 

  • Robust reporting capabilities - Generate standard BCE reports, drill down into details, and obtain accurate financial information efficiently.
  • Save time and effort in monitoring and analysing data.
  • Gives you full oversight of all your roaming traffic. Not only BCE and/or TAP.

Dedicated customer support and visibility:

  • Dedicated client support with an experienced team of roaming professionals.
  • Interact with our support team in your preferred way.
  • 100% visibility across all levels via a complete audit trail accessible from anywhere.


To find out more about how our unique services can help you optimise your BCE/TAP files management, please contact us