Overall Strategy

The next generation of mobile clearing

Nextgen was established when leading mobile network operators suggested that there was a need for a new clearing provider in the market, one that could be innovative, support and anticipate changes in the industry. In 2007, a team of highly experienced professionals from the mobile roaming and financial industries got together to make that happen. We continue to work in close partnership with our customers to develop solutions that match their needs.

Our goals today are still the same as day one

  • To listen to our customers and take a consultative approach to new developments and processes.
  • To focus on industry issues and changes, to ensure we add ‘real value’ for our customers.
  • To create compelling propositions based on solid business cases with a realistic return on investment.
  • To build market leading products and services with excellent support and zero tolerance to failure.
  • To constantly innovate to help change the market dynamics with practices that boost margins and profitability.
  • To hire the best and most knowledgeable people, who have a proven track record in our industry.
  • To offer independent and fully transparent solutions with clear SLAs and local support.
  • To grow our business both organically and through synergetic acquisitions to be most significant supplier in the Mobile Clearing market.

But most importantly……

To let our customers be the final proof of our products and services