Jan 30, 2019

Taking the migration headache away

Migrating to a better Data or Financial Clearing supplier is not as painful as you may believe. Migration is a regulated GSMA process and with the best 'switch' team in the world, Nextgen are experts at it.  Why migrate to Nextgen? More robust integrated platform Faster settlement and cash collection Better customer service levels  With over 300 migrations to date, we have an outstanding track record for delivering painless Group and Single Opco migrati...
Jul 01, 2018

Nextgen’s M2M and IoT traffic segmentation solution

The global market for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless network communications is forecast by Gartner Research to reach 50 billion connections by 2020 and will form a huge component of the future growth for wireless revenue. As a result it is seen as an extremely important growth area for wireless operators and other players in the M2M ecosystem.   Machine-to-Machine (M2M) refers to wireless network communication between two devices (as opposed to communication between two people which is tra...
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