New technology that defines how mobile operators will work with each other in the future

By designing innovations that do what humans cannot, we are helping operators overcome the roaming operational challenges of the future.


Market-leading technology that sets Nextgen Clearing apart from every other clearing house in the sector. IOTRON reflects our commitment to solve real problems faced by operators as evolving technology and mobile usage challenge outdated and manual back-office processes.

  1. IOT discount negotiation through a single web-based tool.
  2. Removes “heavy lifting” and minimises human input at every stage of the negotiation process.
  3. Future proofing mobile operator networks for an evolving market.
  4. Voted the Roaming Management System Business Intelligence Tool of the Year in 2014 and 2015 by operators in an independent industry research survey.

Settlement Bridge

Settlement Bridge does something for its users they had not imagined possible – combining the most advanced mobile roaming business intelligence with financial clearing.

  1. First solution on the market to automate and interface the IOT discount settlement, data clearing and financial clearing processes in a single platform.
  2. Enables operators to achieve faster, more reliable reconciliation of discount settlement and financial clearing functions.
  3. Integrated reporting and statistical dashboard.
  4. Automates and simplifies the manual and often cumbersome IOT discount settlement process.

Watch this space for updates as we will launch 2 new solutions over the next year. Contact us to discover more about the exciting developments in our pipeline designed to help operators optimise their roaming business