Company History

2007 – Listening to customers and developing solutions to meet their needs

In 2007, our Founder (Kirit Ruparelia) was approached by key operators, who suggested that the industry needed an innovative clearing provider that could truly support the rapid pace of change in the mobile market. He took up that challenge and founded Nextgen Clearing.

From day 1, Nextgen’s financial clearing platform was developed in close consultation with management teams from the operator community to bridge the gap between roaming and financial reporting. With innovative accounting-ready tools to optimise cash flow and eradicate roaming risks, Nextgen’s FCH was purpose-built for today’s world in which operators face increasing pressure on their margins. Our teams recognised that customer service is often a headache, so they backed up that ground-breaking technology with highly qualified support teams and a flexible system to rapidly resolve any queries.

2009 – Creating technology that does what humans cannot

Many operators around the world face significant challenges in calculating their end-of-year IOT discount statements accurately within a reasonable timeframe. IOTRON – Nextgen’s complete IOT discount tool – was created in 2009 to make our customers’ dream of a truly efficient, simple and spreadsheet-free IOT discount process a reality. Revolutionary functionalities allow operators to create and store all their discount agreements in one place, with end-to-end lifecycle management and automated analytics. We continue to evolve this technology today to future-proof Nextgen customers’ roaming business.

2013 – Providing the entire spectrum of mobile clearing services

As we continued to grow, many of our customers expressed that they wished to move all clearing services to Nextgen. We recruited some of the most renowned data clearing experts in the industry to create our DCH platform from the ground up. After its launch in 2013, we had 9 customers in less than 9 months migrate this fundamental roaming business function to us. Over the years, our data clearing platform has continued its dramatic adoption rate across the mobile roaming community worldwide.

2016 – Changing the way the industry works

Today, we’re the global expert in roaming clearing solutions, evolving to help operators optimise their business in this continually evolving industry. We are constantly developing new technologies that deliver value to the ever-increasing number of operators that migrate to Nextgen.

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